Who we are? What we offer

Marianne Lacroix et André Roux, Mas Novis en Cévennes

As seen by André

When we launched the Mas Novis Experience 12 years ago, we didn’t know what to expect.

Because the project never stopped evolving and also because we hadn’t met YOU yet.

Of course we had a few requirements: It would have to be entirely organic and vegetarian because this is our way of life, but also because we wanted to show you what you can do with this "strange" kind of cooking.

There would be no swimming pool for ecological reasons, but also because quiet and peace are related to this place.

The house would have to be totally a "non smoking" area. Since then you have come, we have met and through you, we have learnt. The best moments in our new life are the moments YOU have given us, sharing essential experiences.   Of course, sometimes, very rarely, some people have landed here accidentally whose expectations we didn’t share.   Marianne is the artist, but she has also studied alternative medicine and has specialized in organic and vegetarian food.   André is a naturopath and energetician, a writer and teacher in these fields. He was actually born a vegetarian…!   So, we are not just "guest room providers". What we seek is sharing.   This is what we look forward to and what we expect of you.

As seen by Marianne

In the middle of nature, Mas Novis was our dream of 2004 come true. We stopped, had a look around and stayed.   Then we had to rebuild this 14th century old house and turn it into comfortable spaces: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc …   Light, colours, atmosphere inside and outside….   Our experience leads us to receive you in the real sense of the word. We are definitely not tenants.  It is in this spirit that we have set up the meals and workshops. Indeed, for us, receiving you is having you as friends (paying guests, of course, it’s how we make our living) and so sharing our life with you.   Peace and quiet, birdsong or silence favour rest and creation reaching back to essential things and "natural" life far from the rush of our "ordinary" life.   Naturally, we are in favour of everything "organic" and we’ll talk about it during your stay. There is so much to say …   We’ll have great pleasure in meeting you and sharing our way of life with you.  A few practical tips   We are open the whole year through. On a weekly basis in July and August; on demand the rest of the year. Since october in 2011, we stopped the table to be able to come back to our passions, above all Pottery for Marianne... We will be there to welcome you between 5.00 and 7.30 PM (we are never available before). Please contact us if you plan to arrive at any other time.